A few words about
our digital factor

Doing our best, we make our clients happy.

Tribalhouse is a fair-trade, Cape Town-based design agency here to meet your creative needs – with the right people, at the right time. As a professional, no-nonsense team, we guarantee you’ll love working with us.

We’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing clients. Tribalhouse prides itself in creating great relationships with each and every client. We work with people that make it happen. Over the years, we have been able to gather exceptional knowledge and invaluable tools to grow a brand. We can stay true to the original idea or create a completely new brand to adapt to a changing target market.

What is a TTL Digital Agency?

TTL stands for Through The Line. Which line…what? Don’t worry we understand.

Through the Line agencies use both Above the Line and Below the Line strategies to innovate the way a group or audience relates to a brand or strategy. A few examples of TTL would be: Marketing strategies (also known as 360 Marketing) and Digital Marketing which pushes user data while offering a significant ROI. 

So in short, if you were given the opportunity to work with an ATL, BTL or TTL agency, the best option would be a TTL, as it uses both ATL and BTL strategies to push ROI and much needed user data for better decisions later.

Who is Tribalhouse?

Well basically, we’re a small team of specialists. We each have a long list of experiences in ATL and BTL strategies, giving us the edge we need in this industry. This is the reason our moto “Be phenomenal or be forgotten.” stands true in all areas of our business and pushes each individual to new heights in innovation and client satisfaction.

We have a true passion for this type of work and the client relationships that come with it. Our CORE team’ are a group of innovative business orientated creatives that create the amazing culture in this space that we have all come to enjoy. We’re a family.





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