Kalt Migration – Australian Immigration Agency

Sometime life is greener on the other side.

Our client came to us after hearing about the great work we’ve done for our other clients as well as the approach we take in getting your business where it needs to get. Kalt Migration still has a large rollout of items to be completed in-time as they have decided to take us as their South African based digital agency for all their current and future needs.

Migration in Australia is a huge deal and so much so we had to give Kalt Migration the brand that would ultimately push this business into a total different level among competitors.



We enjoy going the extra mile for our clients and so we approached this as fully customized website from ground up as we disected the user journey a profile would take if they were here to enquire about moving or immigrating to Australia.

With key industry research and our amazing team of thinkers we built Kalt Migration a truly unforgettable site that speaks to users unsure what their next steps are to get to Australia. CEO of Kalt Migration also understands her users and truly

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wants you! 


Australian law passed that they were looking for employees between the ages of 18-30 who could come to Australia on a work visa, which gave Kalt Migration a great topic to drive to market. Whith this we created a short advertisement video for them to use in all social media.

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