GDPR – Almost Here are You Ready?
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April 26, 2018
Many developers and designers are clammering to get the new GDPR laws put into their clients websites as the day grows close. If you dont know what this is and you are a business owner or emplyee you may want to let those incharge understand the implications of not having this in every website from now on. What does GDPR stand for you ask? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Businesses/Websites that dont abide by this law can face a fine of up to R20,000,000 (Thats 20m).
Its quite a bit of money for any business, especially to throw away because someone in the organization wasnt aware of this law.

But hey, it doesnt affect us we’re in South Africa and this law is for the businesses in Europe… Yeah sure thats one way of looking at it. However if you get 1 (one) single European browsing your site and giving you details you could just as well be slapped with this jaw dropping fine. So its probably a good idea to get up to speed with the user rights laws of the world.

Australia wil also be enforcing this law soon, but no date has been set yet so its probably better to just get it done now.

If you’ve already taken precautions on your site then rest assured as 72% of South Africans dont even know about the law and will more than lightly hit the fine when the law is enforced on the 25 May 2018.

If you havent, and you’re worried, well you should be. This law has literally changed the way we build websites over-night.

If you cant get a hold of your current developer (because they’re drinking coffee) and want these changes implemented on your site please feel free to drop us an email on We’d be happy to help.

Please if you have anything to add about this GDPR Law we’d love you hear it, simply add your comment below.

If you’d like to find out more about the GDPR please visit: GDPR Portal


  1. Brent

    Hi Tribalhouse, please contact me on the email address provided in this form. I’d like to hear more about this and see how you can possibly help me get my business aligned with this. Thanks.


      Not a problem Brent. We’ll be in-touch.


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