The Snickers® Soccer Skillz Activation is a national campaign aimed at finding South Africa’s most skilled freestyle soccer players.

One of the unique aspects of this competition is that it is designed to be judged and presented as a two man skillz team. To that extent the Snickers® skillz crew will be visiting various campuses and shopping centre’ across the country spending two days at each location in search of these new champions. The two winners will be going to Brazil to live like soccer stars for 10 days - See the sights, visit the soccer clubs and meet the teams!


Freestyle Soccer is an awesome display of acrobatic and athletic moves performed with a soccer ball. The combination of creativity, imagination, and ball control that provides an amazing display of soccer tricks and live entertainment. Performing Freestyle Soccer requires athletes to be focused on every movement, maneuvering the ball and their body as if it were one.



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Bingo (the) Star!

Watching the 2010 World Cup can never be the same as having a ring side seat. In South Africa we’ve got the chance of really “living” it, but can you really be an active participant if you are an absolute novice with a soccer ball? If you fall into this unenviable category, Snickers® have the remedy and they have recruited the services of two of the best soccer ball jugglers in the country

The Joburg Easter Festival saw the Snickers team setting up outside Hall 5 – the main entrance to the show. Our position allowed us maximum exposure and branding to the thousands of visitors.



M-Net breaks boundaries with new interactive youth Channel

29 April 2009. M-Net - a leading content producer in the television industry- is launching a new youth channel to be broadcast to DStv audiences featuring a significant amount of local content.
Vuzu officially launches on 1 July 2009 and this innovative channel is geared at increased interactivity through locally produced content which will also be available online ...[more]

Did you know Snickers® is the best selling candy bar in the world $2 billion annually – about 15 million bars produced daily and what about the horse?

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