Toeter Afrikaans Mobile Application

South African users have a new kind of Social Media App.

Frans the CEO at Toeter had done extensive research into the social media industry and found that building an Afrikaans social platform was what was missing in the industry for South African (SA). While the target market and key persona’s were a fraction of the people living in SA, this did not deter Frans in getting this dream to become a reality.


The Challenge

Most apps if not all up until this time were brought out in English to begin with. This meant that not only did we have to worry about the critical adoption phase of the app but also if the users would even understand it and allow the flow. It was a huge risk that we would begin to look like other apps of its kind and immediately blur the social space.


Over the years the success of an app came down to the fact that it could be used immediately without a steep learning curve. The best way to achieve this was not to focus on the language of our app but more the other apps that the persona’s would use daily. With this knowledge we created visual communications that could be adopted by anyone, any language.


The app took off very early and was welcomed by the SA public. The Toeter App behaves faster and much more effectively than Twitter its global competitor. Although its an app that can only be enjoyed by a small group of people, it still remains an app to keep your eye on as new language packs are getting released in 2017.

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