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Form follow function.

Simonsig is a wine estate based in Stellenbosch; one of the many beautiful areas of South Africa. Simonsig was the first wine estate to bring South Africa the unique recipe of champagne in their amazing bottle of Kaapse Vonkel. For a truly memorable experience visit Simonsig in Stellenbosch.


The Challenge

The challenge with most brands that have been around for so long is that many creatives have imparted their ideas on the brand and so the brand changes and its message becomes obscured. Simonsig had a website and online store, but it was lacking the wow factor and intern their brand seemed like a mediocre solution to wine.


With their brand bible, we set out on a mission to create a truly unforgettable website and ecommerce solution and I understand that no website is simply built and the is complete. Perfection takes time and constant tweaking is needed as the market to reach your consumer changes. I decided to use WordPress as it still to this day has an industry leading blogging and CMS platform.


The website was released as the first act and reached a whopping 34% more conversions and 20% less site drops, thus making for a better experience and all-in-all a great return on their investment. We then launched their South African ecommerce solution which complemented their website quite well and lended their consumers the right information when needed.

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