Atlantic Palms Luxury Suite

A piece of the best strip in Cape Town

The CEO from Atlantic Palms came to us after seeing the gem we created during the development and design of the Simonsig Wine Estate website with ecommerce funtionality. Atlantic Palms is a beautiful beach resort with amazing suites that caters for the budget concious people while definitely still accommadate the people that just want to splash huge.

They came to us to see what we could do for their website. So as usual we hit it outta the park.



We gave our client the ability to easily edit as they pleased without having to get hold of developers which in their past experiences were very hard to get hold of when it mattered most. Hausborn created a totally customized website without the use of templates. This was what we needed as we truly wanted to wow our client reference and leave all competition feeling uneasy.

We achieved this with every stop ripped out at the seems.


The site came out absolutely perfect it housed her ideas and her brand so well that her users have even been engaging more as the site is almost too much of a pleasure to book accommodation through.

See for yourself, click the link below

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